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TREEPLAST® is a new concept. It combines a natural look and freedom of shape
Due to our quality policy (based on our experience) we do not sell Treeplast raw materials. We'll provide you with a manufactured product in Treeplast material. We also conduct hands-on workshops for green materials in your company.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, or just buy the Treeplast Handbook (EUR 95) together with some small samples:

PE Design & Engineering B.V.
Ruilstraat 28
3023 XS Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 15 214 89 03
Chamber of Commerce Haaglanden 27175724
VAT: NL807533385B01

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IBAN: NL15INGB0004300051

product design & development
in bio-based materials

idea generating workshops



Featured Products

The Tree-Pod shows you a durable product with realy strong properties.
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The Straw bale screw is used in staw bale buildings in Austria.

The Skipstone is a great way to tell the story of bio-based products.
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